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E100 Half Pipe Tipper Body

The E100 Half Pipe Tipper Body is suitable for all bulk materials

Its contoured body is designed to optimise material discharge and allows for bulk material centering and maximum payload
Its main features are:

LIGHTER: No secondary sub-frame required thus reducing the body weight. Front end RAM – removing the bulky under body RAM adds to the weight reduction. LESS Body Weight : MORE Payload

LOWER: The overall height is reduced due to the exclusion of the secondary sub-frame. This makes loading easier. Low center of gravity to ensure level handling, improved cornering, and load stability. 

FASTER: The introduction of the new Binotto B3 indestructible front end RAM will increase the speed of tipping and lowering. 

CLEANER: No more material stuck in corners. The curved floor allows the grab to empty the load without the obstruction of the corners. 

ECONOMICAL: More fuel efficient with greater payload. Money saved on every load. 


Hydraulic Tailboard

  • Ideal for bulky construction and demolition waste
  • Ideal for stockpile
  • Increased unloading speed
  • Can be retrofit onto any of the Gleeson half pipe bodies
  • As the tailboard is completely lifted above the body, this reduces the possibility of tailboard damage when unloading heavy bulk materials. 

Optional Extras on ALL Gleeson Truck Bodies

  • Two Pack Paint Finish
  • Automatic Opening Tailboard
  • On Board Weighing System
  • Chapter 8 ‘Conspicuity’ Marking
  • Body Raised Warning System
  • Tool Box Storage
  • Electrically or Manually Operated Sheeting System
  • Insultaion in Sides and/or Floor
  • Chutes in Tailboard